Traveling with baby: minimum age, plane, destinations and advice

Traveling with baby: minimum age, plane, destinations and advice

Do you want to organize your first plane vacation with your baby? Before booking your tickets babyjourney, several questions arise: what documents should I bring? From what age is my child fit to travel? What are the best or best destinations to avoid? For future family vacations, this practical file will allow you to organize your trip with baby with complete peace of mind.

From what age can a baby travel?

From the age of two weeks, an infant can begin his life as a traveler. However, he cannot take all the trips. It should be borne in mind that the latter needs sleep, calm and a regular rhythm of life. Choosing the right destination, mode of transport and local accommodation is therefore essential. If a baby of a few weeks can undertake a train trip of a few hours in France, planning a plane trip requires more organization. 

Airline Ticketing Policies for Traveling With a Baby

A passport for babies

In addition to the health recommendations, it is essential to think about the child’s identity papers. For travel to Europe, an identity card and a family record book are sufficient to cross the borders. For countries requiring a passport, the child must now have his own passport with his biometric fingerprints! Remember to contact your town hall; the average time in France to obtain it is 4 weeks (up to 8 weeks in some departments as the school holidays approach.) In order to find out if you and your child need a visa, contact the Embassy of the country concerned, in France.

Health insurance “just in case”

On the health insurance side, if you are going to Europe, ask for the European health insurance card . Each member of the family, including babies, must have one. This is valid for one year and allows you to benefit from the coverage of medical care in Europe. For other countries, check that you have an insurance or assistance contract abroad. Most often, when you pay for your trip by credit card, you are granted repatriation insurance. If not, subscribe to one.

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Up-to-date vaccines and a visit to the doctor

Taking an infant on a trip cannot be decided at the last moment. The consultation with the pediatrician, vaccinations, paper requests require organization. It is therefore better to plan your vacation several weeks in advance to succeed in leaving with a light mind. In Paris, the Institut Pasteur has a walk-in vaccination center open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

The essential accessories for baby’s travel bag

Whether you are going on a road trip, by train or by plane, you must first and foremost think about the comfort of your baby. Always keep spare clothes and comfortable slippers, several pacifiers, a blanket, a blanket and a cardigan or sweater near you if the air conditioning is too strong on the train or on the plane. If the necessary of the first aid kit is to be chosen according to the chosen country destination, you can still provide the essential accessories for his hygiene and his health: diapers, cottons, compresses, plastic bags, cleaning wipes, disinfectant gel for the hands, thermometer, nail clippers and paper tissues. 

How to Talk About Homosexuality with Children

For many parents, talking about sexuality with their children is a complicated topic, so homosexuality can be an even more thorny issue. However, as we have come a long way in terms of civil rights and sexual freedom, sooner or later the child will come home asking: Why have I seen two men kiss? o Why does a classmate from school have two moms, instead of a mother and a father?

Be prepared for the moment

When the child approaches the subject of homosexuality, the parents must be prepared to face it, which means that they should not make a storm in a glass of water but react naturally. It is not convenient that you change the subject or avoid the subject because the child will understand that you want to hide something or that it is a taboo. If you can’t answer him at that time, validate his question and tell him that you can talk about it when you get home. But don’t forget to keep your promise.

It is important that you take sexuality as something natural, about which you can speak frankly. Although you do not need to give too many details. Make sure that the child can understand your explanation and, above all, do not focus exclusively on sexual attraction but on love between people.

Put aside prejudices

There are different opinions about homosexuality, but it is important that you remember that your mission as a father is not to instill your ideas but to prepare him so that he can reflect and draw his own conclusions. This means that you should put aside any kind of prejudice. When your child asks about homosexuality, it is best to answer objectively.

Do not express value judgments because that way you will only be conditioning their opinion. In addition, it is likely that at school he has a classmate who comes from a homoparental family, so you do not want the child to offend or reject another child.

Show respect

Your child is likely to ask you why someone is gay. In this case, it is best to explain that there are two theories in this regard: one affirms that it is a genetically determined condition, which is why one is “born homosexual”, and another theory affirms that it is a personal choice influenced by factors of a family and social nature. In any case, it is essential that you emphasize the fact that, regardless of people’s sexual orientation, it is important to respect their decision.

Explain that it is a controversial topic, which is why some homosexuals are humiliated or suffer injustice, but that their sexual orientation is not a reason to discriminate against them or treat them differently. In fact, did you know that according to a survey conducted by the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals, more than 50% of students have suffered harassment for their sexual condition?

Turn to literature

There are different children’s books that can help the child to better understand homosexuality. What is intended to achieve through these readings is the normalization of homosexuality, so that the child does not develop prejudices but is able to put himself in the place of the other person so that he does not discriminate against him.

For example, “The day of the red frog” and “Aitor has two mothers” are books that serve to explain the homoparental family. Other stories are: “Julia, the girl who had the shadow of a boy” and “Mom’s dress”, perfect to explain the misunderstanding and rejection experienced by many children who are “different” because their tastes do not match those of their gender .